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Consider giving the gift of time, treasure, or a home to a child in need. 


For children in foster care, the holidays can be an especially challenging time. Instead of experiencing the joy, warmth, and comfort typically associated with the season, they might be faced with feelings of loss, confusion, and loneliness. Often removed from their families due to circumstances beyond their control, these kids may struggle to feel part of holiday festivities.

“We witness these struggles every day at TFI, which is why it is our priority to ensure every child is given the gift of love, warmth and security, especially during the holidays,” said Pam Richardson, Senior Vice President of Foster Care and Residential Programs.

Every year, thousands of children enter the foster care system. For them, the reality of foster care can feel very far removed from the idealized vision of the holidays. But there’s hope and ways you can help brighten the holiday season for children in foster care. Here are four meaningful ways to support these children this festive season:

  1. Consider becoming a foster parent! Although it’s a significant commitment, becoming a foster parent can profoundly impact a child’s life during the holiday season and year-round. If you have space in your home and heart, you could provide a stable, nurturing environment for a child in need. Visit or call 833-7FOSTER to learn more. 
  1. Can’t foster but still want to make a difference? Donate! Donations can significantly assist foster care agencies, especially during the holidays. From clothing and toys to gift cards and cash contributions, there are many ways to give. TFI’s Fund Development team would love to hear from you! Visit to learn more! 
  1. Can’t donate? Volunteer! Donating your time and skills is another great way to support foster care during the holidays and beyond. TFI utilizes volunteers for many situations, including events, organizing donation drives, or assisting with administrative tasks. Contact TFI in your area at to learn how you can help! 
  2. Can’t volunteer? Spread the word! Raising awareness about the needs of children in foster care during the holidays and throughout the year is crucial. Share the message on your social media, in your local community groups, and with your family and friends. Follow TFI on social media to stay familiar with the current state of foster care in your area and share posts that you feel might inspire others! You can find us on Facebook at @TFIfamily. 

Remember, while these efforts make a considerable difference during the holiday season, children in foster care need support throughout the entire year. As we approach the new year, consider maintaining your efforts. Whether you choose to foster, donate, volunteer, or spread the word, every bit of support makes a significant difference in these children’s lives. By giving generously this holiday season, we can ensure all children in foster care feel included and celebrated during these festive times and beyond.

In Fiscal Year 2023, TFI served more than 6,227 children in prevention, foster care, adoption, and residential services. TFI is actively recruiting foster families to provide a loving, caring home to children in foster care. Foster parents are essential and vital partners who help TFI deliver quality services and support for children and families. To learn more about how you can make a difference in a child’s life by becoming a foster parent, please call 1-833-7FOSTER.

TFI is a leading child welfare agency providing experience, compassion, quality services and care. We provide various types of services in the community and have more than 50 years of experience in providing child welfare services including foster care services, group home care, case management, independent living, psychiatric residential treatment center, behavioral health, adoption services, visitation services, and aftercare services. TFI has more than 1,000 employees providing quality services in five states.