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LET’S TALK: Suicide and Drug Prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month! Below are tips from the 998 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. The 988 Lifeline network and its partners are working to change the conversation from suicide to suicide prevention, to actions that can promote healing, help and give hope.


Research shows that people who are having thoughts of suicide feel relief when someone asks after them in a caring way. Findings suggest that acknowledging and discussing suicide may reduce rather than increase suicidal ideation.

Be There

Individuals are more likely to feel less depressed, less suicidal, less overwhelmed, and more hopeful after speaking to someone who listens without judgment.

Keep Them Safe

A number of studies have indicated that when lethal means are made less available or less deadly, suicide rates by that method decline, and frequently, suicide rates overall decline.

Help Them Stay Connected

Studies indicate that helping someone at risk create a network of resources and individuals for support and safety can help them take positive action and reduce feelings of hopelessness.

Follow Up

Brief, low-cost intervention and supportive, ongoing contact may be an important part of suicide prevention, especially for individuals after they have been discharged from hospitals or care services.

Important Texas Resources

We hope you’ll use them!

On behalf of Texas Foster Care and programs, we would like to share with you articles and information about the growing Fentanyl problem in our society. Educate yourself and your kids on this invisible killer.

Charles Ratterree & Michele Holley

“Being foster parents has enriched our lives in ways we never anticipated. While there have been challenges, the moments of connection and growth outweigh them, making the journey deeply rewarding. Being foster parents has shown us the healing power of a safe and loving home.”

Charles and Michele have been fostering children in their home since 2018 and we are so happy to have them a part of our fostering community!

Training Corner

Seven Tips for Getting to Know a Teen You Are Fostering or Adopting.

You’ve heard that the need for families for teens in foster care is great, and you want to do something to help. But you’ve spent time with teens…

Training Includes:

  • Domestic Violence in Teen Dating
  • Sexting: What Parents Should Know
  • Improving Foster Placement Stability


On August 24, recruiters from Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas gathered in the Wichita, Kansas, office to organize and to brainstorm about recruitment and retention efforts for foster parents. Following that meeting, our Texas recruitment specialist, Traci Roberts, volunteered at Hotter ‘N Hell in Wichita Falls where she shared about the need for foster parents while serving nearly 10,000 cyclists!

Meanwhile, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, TFI volunteered to serve families at the Wellspring Weekend conference. In Manhattan, Kansas, TFI partnered with Alliance Realty for a school supply drive where we raised close to $1,500 for local children.

Join us for Foster Parent Support Meetings

Please invite your friends who are interested in fostering to both the foster parent support meetings and the information nights. Be sure to keep an eye on the TFI Village Facebook to learn about recruitment events in your area as well.


Hotels will be provided for those who qualify.

Wichita Falls, TX • October 21, 2023
Wichita, KS • November 4, 2023


Meet our new team member, Lisa Reed!

We’d like to introduce you to our newest team member, Lisa Reed. Lisa comes to TFI with a heart full of passion for helping kids in foster care and is located in West Texas between Texoma and Big Country. She has bright ideas and brings a warm presence, so TFI and we are happy to have her on our team!

We continue to prepare for the holidays and our fall fundraisers! Stay tuned to learn how you can participate in any of our upcoming events or fundraisers!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Steven, Sheila or Lisa if you have any contacts, questions or fun stories of generosity.

Texas/big Country: Lisa Reed | 940-299-9576 |
Texas/Oklahoma: Steven Mandeville | 918-894-8727 |

Below are our foster parents celebrating a milestone anniversary as a TFI Foster Parent! We love having you as part of Team TFI!

10 years
Don and Stacie Marquis

5 years
Logan & Amy Lindahl
Chuck Ratterree & Michele Holley
Patience Dudley

1 year
John Davidson
Stuart & Beverly Kowalski
Amanda Lear
Joel & Emily Lewis
Adam & Christian Lopez
Jason Nelson
Levi & April Seaton
Kelvin & Alan Crowder